Hi, I am a bad bot. I am gonna parse your website. Your website data is now in safe. byebyebot protect your website from a bad bots and a misuse.

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Stop competitors from parsing your prices in eshop

Stop competitors from scraping your prices

Block bots and competitors that scrape data from your website. Focus on conversions and maximize your competitive advantage.

Detect fraud payments

Detect fraud payments on your website

Protect your customers and business. Detecting fraud payments is crucial for security, reputation and saving costs.

Protec your content from stealing

Protect your content from stealing

Keep your content safe. Protect it from data scraping. Be the only one owner of your intellectual property.

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Developed by mangools

We’ve developed this solution to protect our product kwfinder.com. It was under various attacks trying to scrape its data. What is the result so far? We managed to detect more than 68k bots, TORs and VPNs in last three months. byebyebot will help you too.

byebyebot protect your website from a bad bots and a misuse.

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